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Headstart, a support group for Head and Neck Cancer patients in Kent and Sussex.


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In our Headstart get-together in Medway on 17th February 2018

one of our supporters brought along some hand-quilted cushions

for our raffle.

In fact, she generously brought 5 of them along. It was decided

that 2 of them should be in this raffle and 3 in the next raffle in

Queen Vic on Friday 27th April.

This led on to another interesting tale of her generosity. Linda

told us that in fact she had made a quilt during the period of

her husband's treatment for mouth cancer.

Above is just an example of the design of the quilt and she intends

to raffle it with all the proceeds going to Headstart. Read the full

story in her own words here.

We are hoping to have it for the Queen Vic event in April, and many

thanks to Linda for her kindness.




Very latest research on Head & Neck Cancer 2017

Just published is the following article from

Wales on some new exciting research

which might have quite an impact on many other Cancers.

Click here to read the article




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